People choose the cars they drive for different reasons. Mostly, one goes after the looks, status, speed, fuel economy and a fulfillment of some need. One thing you might not have noticed about Subaru owners is that they love their cars. You can buy and resell your car but a Subaru enthusiast tends to stick onto his/hers. That should have you thinking what makes people love these Japanese cars. For starters, the Subaru brand is a product of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. This is a conglomeration of companies involved in different industrial sectors. Their cars sell under the Subaru brand name. Subaru is Japanese for unite.

Outward Looks and Interior Design

The aerodynamic design of this car is sure to have heads turning everywhere you pass. Apart from beauty, this design helps improve the car's efficiency. Once you get into a Subaru, the comfortable seats ensure that you get an enjoyable ride. The interior is also spacious with sufficient room to place your legs. Hatchbacks do have foldable seats at the back for more storage or passenger space. Sedans, on the other hand, come with a spacious boot. In car entertainment is through a stereo that supports playback through CD, MP3, USB or iPod. 

Quick Engine Pick

Subaru enthusiasts are people who are fascinated with speed. Here the Subaru does not disappoint. The boxer engine in the latest versions provides a fast pick. You can accelerate to top speed within a very short time.  Nothing infuriates a driver more than a vehicle that takes too long to gather speed. Even after slowing down at an intersection, traffic lights or to clear a road bump, the vehicle soon gains tempo. People who drive a Subaru will fall in love with this aspect right from their first drive.

Road Stability

In some cars, driving at high speed leads to instability. The car seems to waver from one side to another. If you are not careful, losing control is just a matter of seconds. Not so with Subaru. It All-wheel drive system distributes equal power to the wheels.  The car also has a control system that prevents slippage especially when you hit a wet and slippery patch.  The Vehicle Dynamics Control coupled with a wide wheel base keeps your Subaru on the road. Your work is to concentrate on steering and the vehicle does the rest.

Maintenance Cost

This is where car owners start parting ways. Basically, all cars require maintenance. The cost of parts and labor is what sets different cars apart. The Subaru's spare parts are readily available from most dealers across the US. The cost is what an average motorist can afford. The secret to owing a car for long lies in maintenance.  A Subaru is not expensive to keep on the road.

People love to fit their Subaru cars with customized mufflers. This turns the sound into one of a sports car. Otherwise, a Subaru's engine idles with minimum noise. The car also runs without making noise to the occupants. Test drive or buy one and discover these things.

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