Since their inception in the 1950s, Subarus have had features that promote safety and comfort.  The all-wheel drive, warning on lane departure and adaptive cruise control are just but a few. All in all, there are other features that make all Subarus ideal for people leading active lifestyles. Below is a sample of a few:

Terrain Coverage

Majority of people who buy Subaru cars prefer getting involved in activities like trips to the beach, hiking, biking or kayaking. In order to access such outdoor localities, you need a car that can tackle all manner of terrain. You could be driving through mud, rocks, weeds or sand. Subarus will handle such challenges perfectly.

Lane Departure Alert to Prevent you From Drifting

The Subaru Outback, for instance, has a feature known as Eyesight. It is an intelligent aspect that recognizes instances when you are driving in a lane. This happens mostly when you are on highways, town or city roads where the lanes are marked. In case the car deviates from its path, the alarm beeps. Adventure seekers get too engrossed talking on the phone or sending text messages while driving. This is out of excitement or trying to catch up with other friends going on the same trip. The lane departure alarm reminds you that you are on the road.

Intelligent Throttle for Avoiding Hitting Unseen Obstacles

When you are reversing, there could be an obstacle within or out of sight. A good example is a brick wall in your compound or the garage door. On the other hand, there are times when you think that you have engaged the reverse gear only to realize that it was actually on drive. If you press the gas pedal accidentally, the intelligent throttle sensors immediately spring into action and cut the car's throttle.

Adaptive Cruise Control - Ideal for Driving in Populated Roads

When you are driving on the highway, open roads or other places, you need to be on constant alert. There are drivers who overtake and swerve into your lane abruptly. Others will step on their brakes when you least expect it, catching you unawares.  Cruise control saves you the anger and frustration this can bring. Recently manufactured Subaru models have been fitted with cameras that detect s the car in front. It goes ahead to automatically adjust the speed you are cruising at. This allows you to scale down to the same speed as that car while keeping a reasonable distance. It saves you from having to move your foot between pedals.

Wowing your Friends and Peers

Most Subaru models will attract attention. When you drive to social places or joining a group of friends for an excursion, they will take notice and commend you for the car. There are models that are not made with the wowing effect in mind, but people still notice. You can also pull a few stunts to prove your point.

Comfort for People and Pets

The manufacturers have put vents at the rear to keep your passengers feeling fresh during drives. Majority of Subaru owners do have a dog.


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