5 Reasons to Choose a Subaru

There is no question that nature loving consumers love the Subaru. However, these are not the only individuals who can benefit from all the features and options provide by the vehicle. Subaru of America holds the belief that they have a responsibility to consumers, as well as the environment, to help keep the world beautiful and clean for the future generations. This is why the company uses practices that are aimed to preserve and protect the environment.

The following 5 reasons are facts that you might not have been aware of regarding Subaru vehicles and just more reasons that you should consider purchasing this option:

Number 1: All Subaru manufacturing plants are considered "Zero Landfill" plants.

Since the year 2004, the Subaru manufacturing plants have adopted a policy that no longer sends any waste to the landfill. Every piece of waste is turned into electricity or recycled. Did you know that a single-family home will produce more waste in the period of one day than a zero-landfill plan does in an entire year?

Number 2: Subaru manufacturing plants utilize environmentally friendly processes.

Subaru plants have been recognized for a number of different environmentally driven achievements. Additionally, they hold the record for being the first US plant to become ISO certified for excellence in energy management and environmental management systems.

Number 3: Subaru manufacturing plants actively support backyard wildlife habitats.

This is clearly seen by the Subaru plant located in Indiana. It was the first automotive manufacturing facility that had been designated by the Backyard Wildlife Habitat by NWF. They have dedicated over 800 acres of land for birds, animals and other critters.

Number 4: Subaru actively partners with several different green organizations.

The Subaru Company believes that it is important to support organizations that actively support outdoor recreation, as well as the environment.

Some of the green partners that Subaru holds include:

    United By Blue: This is a company that sells apparel that is considered ocean friendly. With every one product that is sold, it will remove one pound of trash that is in the world's waterways and oceans. Subaru has become the official vehicle that is used by the United By Blue Cleanups.
    Five Rivers MetroParks: This is a nationally used and recognized conservation agency that is located in Dayton, Ohio. Subaru has become the official vehicle of this organization and become the sponsor for the MetroParks annual recreation festival that is held outdoors.
    LNT or Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics: Subaru is a principle partner of this nonprofit organization that inspires and promotes outdoor recreation in a responsible manner with research, partnerships and education.

Number 5: Subaru offers more efficient, cleaner vehicles that are built to last.

The cleaner vehicles offered by Subaru have a certified PZEV which helps to protect the environment by decreasing the amount of emissions that lead to smog. The efficiency of the vehicles offers all-wheel drive that grips the vehicle to the road while still providing excellent fuel efficiency.

Subaru vehicles are built with the highest standards in all of the automotive manufacturing industry. In fact, up to 96 percent of Subaru vehicles that have been sold in the past decade are still driving strong on the road today.