Any customer who has shopped with Subaru will understand how great the benefits are. Whether shopping new or used there are benefits that just can't be beat. People are used to being ripped off by whatever car dealership they shop at. So for anyone that might be new to shopping with Subaru, here are just a few of the great benefits:

·       People will get a 1500 mile/30 day limited warranty. They do not have to worry that their car will fall apart after just being driven a couple of times. Subaru is an honest company who will back up any car they sell with a great warranty. Brand new vehicles will even have a longer warranty than a used vehicle.

·       A great benefit is the two year interior warranty. People never know what the interior of a car will go through, especially over the course of two years. So having the knowledge that the interior is protected will be a huge advantage for anyone who wants to use their vehicle to its full potential.

·       Everyone is offered a three day exchange policy. It is very common for people to change their mind about a car. But most of the time people feel like they are stuck with their choice. It is just not always possible to make the right decision about a car based on one test drive. Subaru understands that and is ready to help people who want to change their mind. Well, as long as it happens in the first couple of days.

·       It depends on the dealership, but most of the time Subaru can offer for their customers the chance to keep whatever interest rate has been offered them while they have four days to shop and think. Just because they have been offered a rate will not mean that they have to make a choice that day. Too often people make a hasty choice just to get the low interest. But, if people have four days before they lose that interest rate they are sure to make a good choice.

·       For the people who are shopping used cars, there is the option of getting a free vehicle history report. There will never be any guessing or wondering about a car. Also, there will be no money wasted on the history report. The dealership will be completely prepared to back up all of their vehicles by being very honest from the start.

So, if those reasons are not incentive enough to shop with a St George Subaru dealership, then they just need to take a look at the new line of cars for 2013. A Subaru can be compared to any other car when it comes to technology. They have every feature, for instance, blue tooth and built in GPS. For people who are interested in more than just the bells and whistles of technology, these vehicles are designed for optimum safety. Anyone in a Subaru can know that they will be kept as safe as possible in any kind of accident or collision.

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