Well for one Consumer Reports rates Subaru above Mercedes-Benz, BMW and every other manufacturer in comfort, utility, reliability, and performance, and say that Subaru makes the best cars in the US. Apart from that they are all-wheel drive, and are very safe, in fact Subaru claims that the safety of their customers is their number one priority, that is probably why they are the only manufacturer to have the IIHS Top Safety Picks on all models for three years running.

Subaru's vehicles are mostly known for their boxer engine layout and symmetrical all-wheel drive train, and their slogan, "What makes a Subaru, a Subaru". What the slogan is trying to tell consumers is that one needs to forget about how many cup holders the vehicle can hold, and instead focus on how its made; this is why Subaru owners are so loyal and passionate about their cars. Above all they really seem to understand their customers and that is why their customers are one of the deepest loyal customers in the industry.

Subaru has many different models such as the BRZ, Impreza, Impreza WRX, Legacy, Forester, XV Crosstek, Outback, and Tribeca. One very interesting thing is that they challenge one to compare other automobile manufacturers to their vehicles. This is probably because the extra cup holders and other gadgets are nice but at the end of the day having those types of vain extras are not going to save ones life in an automobile accident. Subaru is trying to make a point that making a flashy vehicle with all its bells and whistles may feel really exciting but at the end of the day it won't save one's or ones family's lives. Of course this is not to say that Subaru's vehicles are bland because that is far from the truth, they do have cup holders and different extras just like all other vehicles but their main focus is to provide its consumers with a very safe and dependable car instead of trying to attract consumers with bells and whistles.

Utah Subaru owners are quite serious about their loyalty to the vehicles and one can find many different blogs and forums about Subaru's but it is interesting to see that many of the loyal fans have also been in car accidents and like to post pictures of their Subaru's after the accident and how they saved their or their family's lives. 

Overall what makes driving a Subaru so special is the fact that you know you are being taken care of, that your vehicle is one of the safest ones on the road. But this does not mean that one is driving a mom's car because in fact the WRX and the WRX STI are very fast vehicles that have quite the following with racing enthusiasts just to name a few. This is also due to the handling of the vehicle, in fact there is even a Subaru Rally Team.

One should head down to the Subaru dealership and take one for a test drive to see what all of the safety, and control hype is all about, and one might just be surprised as to how one can easily become another one of the many loyal Subaru car owners.

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